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Tetra Pond AlgoRem : Over the winter months fish waste, decaying plant matter, and other waste products will beark down and create a suitable enviroment for algae to take over your pond. when the summer arrives it usually brings the  sun and when it hits your garden pond can get chocked with green algae, this is very bad for the live plants, fish , and the general Bio-sphere which will make the pond very unsightly. there are many ways to eradicate algae but the fastest and most effective way is to use Tetra Pond AlgoRem. It will work without a filtration system but is most effective when used in conjusction with an external pond filter.

Dosage instructions : shake thoroughly before use. Add 10 ml to 200 liters ( 44 gallons  ) of water. to get best results AlgoRem needs to be mixed with the pond water.

  • Not suitable for sturgeons
  • floating algae are bound into biologically degradable flakes that can easily be removed mechanically
  • Works in a matter of hours
  • algae nutrients (phosphate) are effectively removed
  • clears pond water without affecting the natural balance of the pond biosphere
  • contains no toxic substances and is algicide- and herbicide-free
  • Incredibly easy and precise dosage
  • important: Make sure the carbonate hardness of the pond water is above 4°dH before each application to avoid unstable water conditions and darming the fish
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