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Spare foams for your deadbait punches

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Fox Predator Paternoster Sunk Float

Featuring a plastic inner tube and silicone sleeve that accepts the swivel of the uptrace holding the float in position, eliminating the need for beads or stop knots. The float is an 18gm.
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Fox Predator Deadbait Punch and Foam

The nickel plated tube has a moulded plunger to insert the foam into the bait. With practice, the foam can be ?tuned? to create either pop up or slow sinking dead baits.
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Drennan Pike Wire 28lb

The original extra tough ultra reliable trace wire. Contents- 20m x 28lb wire.
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Greys Prowla Lead Clips & Beads

The large diameter ring offers zero resistance to fish allowing you to use running ledger rigs with ease. The black soft beads offer protection to knots from the sliding lead.

Clips will hold most leads up to 8ozs with ease.

Each packet contains 5 sets of clips and beads.

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Greys Prowla Round/Diamond Eye Swivel

The high quality barrel will help prevent line twisting. Always crimp or twist the wire trace to the diamond eye on the swivel.

Diamond eye to lock wire trace in place.

100lb breaking strain.

Each packet contains 20 swivels.

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Greys Prowla LED Nite Float

Attached to the main line via a snap swivel it can be used as a standard float in daylight conditions but in low light or night time conditions, illuminate the float via the red LED indicator swith , accessed by unscrewing the top of the float. This float is perfect for night fishing for predators and can double up as a marker float for night time bream fishing sessions.

Comes fitted with a CR2540 lithium battery, offering up to 400hrs use. Spare battery included.

Internal rubber "O" ring creates a watertight seal. Spare "O" ring included.

Metal reinforced eyelet prevents breakages.

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Greys Prowla 49 Strand Wire

Neutral gravel brown colour blends in with underwater environments.

30lb breaking strain.

Unique Greys dispenser allows you to keep the wire neatly on the spool.

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Greys Prowla 360’Rotary Paternoster Boom

Used in conjunction with a sunk float. This rig can be fished at any depth by lengthening or shortening the nylon lead link.

100lb mono uptrace.

Moulded plastic boom for extra security.

Boom arm swing through 360 degrees for maximum movement.

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Greys Prowla Anti-Tangle Tube Sinkers – 40g

Just thread the mainline through the tube, tie on your trace and pull the swivel into the rubber tube. This results in a semi-fixed rig and helps eliminate wrap arounds and tangles.

Each packet contains two pieces.

40 grams size.

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New! yellowstone-waterproof-pouches Quick View

Yellowstone Waterproof Pouches

Yellowstone Waterproof Pouches Size Small 18 x 13 cm. Medium 25 x 18 cm. Large 33 x 27 cm. Features: -Ideal for protecting wallets/mobile phones/cameras/MP3 and other variable items. -Includes carry cords. -Durable vinyl with welded seams to keep water out. -Secure loop and hook fastening.
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