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Ancol Cat Collars with Break Away Buckle

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Ancol Cat Collars with break away buckle are beautifully crafted from quality materials in many striking colours.  Ancol Cat Collars with break away buckle are designed to allow your cat an easy escape if the Cat gets caught whilst climbing, the buckle will pull free.

All Ancol Cat Collars with break away buckle come with a warning bell to help protect wildlife.  The RSPB estimate that the UK domestic cats are responsible for over 275 million kills each year.  55 million of those are birds.  Did you realise, that a cat wearing a collar with a bell will catch 41% fewer garden birds and 34% fewer mammals.  (Source www.rspb.org.uk)

When fitting the Ancol Cat Collars with break away buckle, please ensure that you can get two fingers between your cat and the collar for safety and comfort.

Warning if using a liquid flea treatment please ensure you remove the collar as the chemical may react with the collar.

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