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Nylabone Dura Chew

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Nylabone Dura Chew
Something to chew on!
Different dogs have different chewing styles and strengths, even within the same breed. Be sure to choose the correct chew size and type for your dog.

-Discourage destructive chewing
-Helps clean teeth
-Fight boredom
-Provides long-lasting enjoyment

Non-edible: Bristles raised during chewing help to clean teeth and control plaque & tartar.
Durable nylon: Long lasting for powerful, determined chewers.
Dogs should not bite off large pieces – replace when ends have worn down.
Always supervise the use of chews and toys.
Please read the enclosed Guidelines for use for more imformation

Nylabone, The Leader in Responsible Pet Care for Over 50 Years, has a chew for just about every dog. From traditional plastic chews to a wide variety of healthy, edible chews, Nylabone has specific chew products designed to meet the varying chewing needs of almost every dog, no matter what size, breed, age or type of chewer the dog might be.

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