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Tetra AlgoFin

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Tetra AlgoFin

Effective and safe treatment for persistent blanketweed and other pond algae.

  • intensive treatment for most frequently occurring algae types, such as blanketweed, floating algae and smear algae
  • how it works: Targeted attack on the organism and metabolism of algae, impeding their ability to photosynthesise
  • the special active ingredient is effective over a period of around 2 – 3 weeks
  • prevents further algae growth
  • safe effect
  • to keep algae growth under control long-term
  • harmless to aquatic plants, fish and microorganisms if used as instructed
  • Incredibly easy and precise dosage
Perfect for use with the following products  & nbsp;for further algae prevention: Tetra Pond AlgoSchutz and Tetra Pond PhosphateMinus
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