Baumanns Large Segment Coal Bunker is ideal for coal, turf, wood or briquette storage.
The plastic Baumanns Large Segment Coal Bunkers unique design has been developed with the householder in mind. Its striaght vertical back sits neatly against any wall and eliminates debris gathering. The large upper lid opening makes it easy to fill the coal bunker. The lower opening door opens downwards thus allowing any dust to be returned to the fuel storage container when closing. An inner hidden cowl prevents large amounts of fuel flowing out onto the ground. Baumanns Large Segment Coal Bunker has a lockable lid and door and is safe in child environments.
This size coal bunker is ideal for a person who occasionally uses an open fire. The rotationally moulded UV stabilised unit guarantees a strong and durable weather resistant unit. The bunker is long lasting and maintenance free.
Baumanns Large Segment Coal Bunker comes in black as standard. The Coal Bunker is capable of holding 6 X 40kg Bags of Coal.
Length 84 cms x 95 Width cms x 80 Height cms approximatelty


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