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KingFisher 5L Pressure Sprayer

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Kingfisher 5L Pressure Sprayer general purpose sprayer with 5 litre capacity built in lid based hand pump and a comfortable shoulder strap.

Adjustable spray lance to enable easy and accurate spraying, shatterproof and frost proof lance, fitted, as standard, with safety pressure release valve

KingFisher  5L Pressure Sprayer. •1 year guarantee•The attachments for the item are inside the barrel and the sprayer arm is in the bag containing the manual. andard Garden Sprayer range provides easy, accurate and cost effective application of water, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and water-soluble fertilisers.
The KingFisher 5L sprayer is a multipurpose, effective pressure sprayer for outdoor use. Practical features include:•Adjustable nozzle from jet to mist•Integrated in-built pressure release valve •Innovative last drop technology•Translucent, graduated bottle for accurate chemical mixing and dosing•Wide, ergonomic pump handle for easy pressurisation •Wide filling aperture enables all the components to
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