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What is the Pet Corrector Spray ?

The Pet Corrector emits a hiss of compressed gas (which is completely safe for animals) to interrupt a dog’s unwanted behaviour. The noise is similar to the hiss warning sound made by a cat or snake, alerting him to the danger. The Pet Corrector comes in 3 sizes: 30ml, 50ml, 200ml and a holster for the 50ml size.

Stop Unwanted Behaviours

The Pet Corrector interrupts many unwanted behaviours but is most often used for the following: – Barking – Jumping up – Stealing food – Chasing – Place avoidance. An essential combination tool with reward-based training methods.

Dogs, horses and more!

The Pet Corrector is not just for dogs. On Dr Mugford’s farm, one young horse has a playful (and cruel) tendency to chase and bite sheep. Another, enjoyed chewing post and rail fences. Both ‘misbehaviours’ can be interrupted, even from a distance, by the Pet Corrector. Cats can misbehave too! The Pet Corrector can be used effectively to interrupt their stalking and catching birds and to stop them using furniture as scratching posts. Finally, always make sure that training is fun, keep training sessions short and always finish on a positive note. You can find out about other useful accessories to help improve your pet’s behaviour on our problem pages.


Barking is a normal behaviour for most dogs, but it can also be annoying and inappropriate. Barking excessively at passers-by through a window of a house or car is a common complaint of dog owners and other dogs bark constantly for attention. Of course this behaviour is best ignored, so he learns that this is not a successful way to gain attention. Unfortunately to ignore barking is not always possible, particularly if other people (such as neighbours) are affected. For these situations the PC can be really useful.

Jumping Up

Jumping up is a behaviour that many owners find annoying and in some cases can be dangerous. The best way to stop any dog from jumping up is to never reward him with attention when he does! Even saying ‘no’ or ‘down’ reinforces this attention-seeking behaviour. Owners should turn their backs or step away whenever the dog tries to gain attention in this way. All family members and visitors should get into the habit of interacting with the dog when he has his feet (and preferably his bottom) on the floor, this is easily reinforced by giving a titbit whenever the dog sits voluntarily on greeting.

Place Avoidance

Bringing a new dog or puppy into your household is a bit like having a small child! Both have to learn certain key rules of the house, such as not to steal or mouth certain items. However, it is unfair to expose a puppy to tempting food leftovers or dirty plates. Rather, assign special food dispensing toys such as Treat Mazes or the Dog Pyramid as a permitted alternative. For determined dogs, the PC can be used as an additional aid alongside this training.


We all have places where we don’t want our dogs to go. These maybe certain rooms such as the bedroom or specific pieces of furniture such as the bed or sofa. Of course with puppies the simplest way to achieve this is by not allowing him access from the start by the use of safety gates to physically prevent entry. This way he will never ‘learn’ to inhabit these areas, of course owners must be vigilant in the early days. We cannot expect the dog to learn if one day he is allowed on the sofa for cuddles and the next he is admonished for the same behaviour. For determined dogs, the PC can be used as an additional aid alongside positive training.

Pet Corrector Tips

Test the animal’s sensitivity: operate at greater than 1 metre distance – Direct the spray away from your pet’s face (not directly towards it) – Only use the Pet Corrector to interrupt a serious misdemeanour, it is not a substitute for poor training! – Make the shortest possible bursts because the canister will chill with prolonged use.

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